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All offerings of Rotonova are based on two core products, TGA 240 and TGA 160. Get in touch with us to discover how we can assist you in regards to lowering your compressed air costs whether by consultancy, our selection of natural gas engine driven air compressors or by the hassle-free PayPerAir utility business model.

TGA 240

The flagship model of Rotonova equipped with a Liebherr Engine and an Aerzener screw compressor is able to supply up to 42 m3/min (at 6barg) and 430 kW of recovered heat to meet your demands.

TGA 160

The smaller sister of the TGA 250, also equipped with a Liebherr engine and an Aerzener screw compressor, can meet your demands as low as 10 m3/min (at 6barg) providing you unparalleled efficiency in its class.

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