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Your company has a unit electricity price, gas price, water price; you don’t even directly own your vehicle fleet, then why do you go through all the hustle of owning your own compressed air station and operating it? You would save time, effort and money, providing you with the opportunity to focus more of your time and finances to your core business.


  • Switch your compressed air production from fixed costs into variable costs.

  • Free up capital and credit and improve your debt ratio.

  • Make savings on your current production price of compressed air.

  • Your monthly compressed air bill will only consist of your actual compressed air consumption.

  • You don’t have to deal with different manufacturers, service providers, audit companies and endless internal discussions to have complete transparency of your compressed air consumption.

  • Permanent monitoring and preventive maintenance to decrease your downtime and maintain your compressed air efficiency.

  • You can make use of the recovered heat to save costs further.

  • You can digitally follow your compressed air system throughout your facility 24/7 with the … software.

  • You get a lifetime warranty, meaning no unexpected costs.


One variable price to get everything listed above without any additional costs? That’s where Rotonova comes in with its pay per air DHKW solutions.

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